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Quiet-Step Combi-Lay is a superior underlay. It is made of high density polyolefin copolymer resin which effectively reduces the hollow and often “clunky” foot noise associated with floating floors. Quiet-Step Combi-Lay addresses this key negative of floating floor installations, while performing all the tasks of a superior quality underlay including a continuous damp proof.

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  • Quiet-Step Combi-Lay Benefits

    • 30% reduction in reflected foot noise compared to normal underlays
    • easy to handle
    • continuous damp proofing in one application*
    • integrated peel and stick strip
    • lay flat polymers for easy installation
    • super tough tear resistance to tools and boots
    • will not hold water, and will not mildew
    • compatible with standard trims
    • l’ntw + c1 = 43. this is a site specific test result and complies with Bca multi-storey requirements. test report available upon request


    • reflected foot noise: Reduction – 30%
    • field impact isolation class: ISO 717/2 – 64 Thickness supplied: ISO 1923 – 2mm
    • water vapour trans. rate: ASTM E96 – 1.7 g/m 2.24hr
    • Water absorption 28 days: JIS 6767  – 0.03mg/cm
    • compr. creep (thickness loss): 8hrs – 0.1%
    • 23C at 20 kPa load: 408hrs  – 0.6% ( 10,000hrs – 2%)
    • compr. strength (25%): ISO 844 – 70kPa

    The underlay by which all other underlays are measured when looking to reduce walk sound and minimize multi- storey noise.